Double Drum, Five Screen Gentle Roll with aspirators

About the Gentle Roll™

  • Gently cleans, sifts, scalps or sorts
  • Non-vibrating screener
  • Rotary-drum design
  • Minimal routine maintenance
  • Drums are encased by the screen and entire drum assembly turns as one
  • Number of screen selections depends on application
  • 1,500 to 15,000 bph

The Gentle Roll™ screener is known for its quality, efficiency, and reliability. Its tried-and-true design allows the product to be sifted, scalped, sorted, or cleaned. Each machine's specifications are determined by the application, desired capacity, and final product goal.

Screeners that shake or vibrate may potentially cause structural stress and product damage. Unlike these screeners, the Gentle Roll™ uses a gentle rolling action to move the product through a non-vibrating, rotary drum assembly. The drum and screen rotate together as one assembly to prevent the drum from grinding the product.

Created with simplicity in mind, the Gentle Roll™ is designed to be mounted on a level, horizontal plane. No adjustments are necessary for the screens or drum(s) after installation. The Gentle Roll™ is easy to install inside, outside, or on top of a building or structure. Because it’s weight-accounted and static-operating, the Gentle Roll™ may be safely mounted anywhere.

Each Gentle Roll™ is built to run continuously, provides excellent dust control, and uses only the highest quality, weather-proof materials.


Our History

EBM Corporations can trace its beginning to 1976 when Clayton Ellsworth founded the company in Tilden, Nebraska. His son, Guy Ellsworth, joined him in the early 1980’s and they moved the company to Norfolk, Nebraska. In 2012, Andrew Ellsworth followed in his grandfather and father's footsteps and started working full-time at EBM Manufacturing.

Our dedication and expertise has propelled us to be one of the most successful and respected companies in the screening industry.


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