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Grain Cleaning

Rotary Screener for your Grain Cleaning Needs

The Gentle Roll™ grain screener efficiently and effectively cleans grain to remove fines and overs. Unlike other screeners that shake or vibrate, the Gentle Roll™ gently moves grain through a non-vibrating, rotary system while economically removing foreign material.

Since every facility differs, each Gentle Roll™ varies from customer to customer, with the user’s specific needs in mind.

The combined weight of the product and Gentle Roll™ determines the design of the support structure. Therefore, the non-vibrating Gentle Roll™ easily installs on the inside, outside, or top of a building or structure. A shaking/vibrating screener requires further engineering to maintain structural integrity.

The fully enclosed screener provides dust control and weatherproofing, and uses only the highest quality materials. Many Gentle Roll™ owners attest to having low maintenance costs while running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can increase your overall grain quality, while reducing maintenance costs with the Gentle Roll™.


The Only Screener to Clean Grain Efficiently and Reliably

Screen configurations range from one to five. The end goal and application determine the number of screens needed. Inspecting and changing a Gentle Roll™ screen is quick and easy and needs only a single individual to complete the task.

Common screen configurations include:

  • Fine Particle Removal: 1-3 Screens
  • Scalping: 2 Screens
  • Fine Particle Removal and Scalping: 4-5 Screens (2-3 to remove fines and 2 to scalp)
  • Sizing: 1-5 Screens depending upon the application and goal

Available Capacities Example:




One Drum



Two Drums



Four Drums



Six Drums



Eight Drums



Ten Drums



The above chart is based on dry, good flowing product, with a bulk density of 45lbs/ft3 or 720 kg/m3.

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