Single Drum, Five Screen Gentle Roll

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The Gentle Roll™ uses simple gravity and mild centrifugal force to screen product. The flights extend to the edge of the screen. The drum and screen rotate together as one assembly to prevent the drum from grinding the product. Screening efficiency is maximized at 25 sq ft of screening area per section.

Drum Design

Gentle Roll Drum Design - How it Works Illustration

Illustration number two of how a Gentle Roll works


Very little maintenance is required. Recommended maintenance points:

Gentle Roll™

  • Grease main bearings on each end of drum
  • Proper adjustment of drum seal
  • Inspection of screens
  • Check fluid level on gearbox


  • Belt tracking
  • Inspection of flights and belt
  • Inspect air take-up
  • Check fluid level on gearbox

* Intervals will vary based on use


  • The Gentle Roll™ unit is made of mild steel (stainless steel, optional), and powder coated or hot-dipped galvanized.
  • Every Gentle Roll™ is built to run continuously and is fully enclosed to provide dust control and weather proofing.


Each Gentle Roll™ drum is individually powered by its own drive assembly, with a minimum class II service factor. The speed reducer is a standard, off-the-shelf, shaft mounted, reducer. V-belts & pulleys are used, allowing speed changes if necessary. When cleaning products require minor speed changes, an adjustable frequency controller is used.


  • Two heavy-duty spherical bearings are externally mounted on each drum.

Screen Replacement

  • The time it takes to change screens is approximately 8 – 10 minutes.
  • Access is gained by removing the light-weight aluminum door. Each screen section has one door.
  • Retention: (5) 5/16” bolts hold the screen to the drum. Hand or power tools can be used.

Screen Blinding (Plugging)

Screen blinding occurs when a product lodges into a screen opening. Shaking or vibrating screeners use balls in an attempt to prevent screen blinding. This “hammer" action is effective in removing lodged product. But over time, the constant impact can result in product and screen damage.

In order to minimize screen blinding, the Gentle Roll™ screener uses a free-rolling, rotary brush to sweep against the screen as the drum rotates. The brush gently pushes the particles back into the drum. This solution has been tested successfully on many different applications.

Typically, the Gentle Roll™ maintains screening efficiency without the use of brushes. During the gentle rollover action, larger product rubs against the lodged particles, breaking it free from the screen.

Screen Selection

The product to be screened determines the wire size, clear opening, & materials used to meet desired outcome. The standard model 24 will have 48” wide screens, rolled to fit 24” diameter drums.

Installation of Gentle Roll™

  • All Gentle Roll™ units should be installed on a level, horizontal plane.
  • Foot mounting, suspension, or a combination of both is acceptable.
  • Rigid or loose mounting is acceptable, because the Gentle Roll™ does not vibrate, nor does it have horizontal/vertical movement during operation.
  • A 24” clearance is recommended on all sides with the exception of the bottom. Consult engineering for minimums.
  • Spouting to and from all flange connections is possible. Mate flanges come with all units.
  • Typically, the Gentle Roll™ ships assembled. Hoppers and legs can be removed if needed.
  • Multiple drum units are modular. Each level is lifted and stacked separately during installation.

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