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Mobile Grain Cleaner

One Machine, Endless Possibilities

The Gentle Roll™ Mobile Screener has even more options than the standard Gentle Roll™ screener, plus its mobility allows for use at multiple locations. It is most commonly used to separate mixed grains, but can be used to clean grain as well.

With the Gentle Roll™ Mobile Screener, customization comes standard. Each and every mobile screener is tailored to fit the customer’s needs, applications, and locations.


Customization Comes Standard
  • Layout options
    • Simple to complex
  • Add on options
    • EBM Aspirator
    • Air System (Bag Filter or Cyclone)
    • Valve System
    • EBM Sidewinder™ Conveyor
    • Horizontal Discharge Screw Conveyor or Belt Conveyor


  • Custom manufactured of mild steel with a powder coat or hot-dipped galvanized finish
  • Safety handrails and service platform


Mobile Gentle Roll™ Facts

Screen configurations range from one to five screen sections and are determined by the end goal and application.

The Gentle Roll™ uses simple gravity and mild centrifugal force to clean grain. The drum and screen rotate together as one assembly to prevent the drum from grinding the product. Screening efficiency is maximized at approximately 25 sq ft of screening area per section.


Mobile Gentle Roll™ Advantages

Since every facility is different, each Gentle Roll™ is designed specifically for the individual customer’s needs. The Gentle Roll™ is minimal to maintain, built to run continuously, and uses only the highest quality materials.

  • Non-Vibrating
  • Low Maintenance
  • Easy Screen Inspection and Replacement
  • Fully Enclosed
  • Multiple Level Design
  • Gentle Product Handling
  • Excellent Dust Control
  • Wide Range of Capacities
  • Time-proven Screening Efficiency, Capacity and Reliability


Available Capacities Example:




Sifting or Scalping

Up to 1,500

Up to 43

Separating Mixed Grains

Between 800-1,500

Between 23-43

The above chart is based on dry, good flowing product, with a bulk density of 45lbs/ft3 or 720 kg/m3 at 1900 cuft/hr per drum. Capacity varies depending on product specifications and flow. (Screening capacity less for mixed grains.)


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