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Single Drum Five Screen Gentle Roll™

Options & Accessories

Combined Discharges

  • Reduces spouting/conveying needs
  • Increases height of machine
Rotary brush agains the Gentle Roll™ Screen

Rotary Brushes

Rotary Brushes counter rotate against the screen, sweeping away the particles that lead to blinding.

Valve Gates

A two-way valve assembly, consisting of a valve under each screen, is mounted under the Gentle Roll™ frame. This valve assembly guides product to the right or left side of the opening, and is directly connected to either one EBM Patented Sidewinder conveyor or to two different conveyors. Air operated or manual gates available on valve assembly.

Sidewinder Belt Conveyor

A belt drag conveyor that conveys product in two directions at the same time.

  • Full clean-out available
  • Incline or horizontal layout
  • Great for fragile products
  • Round bottom or flat bottom
  • Flexible designs
  • Can reduce spouting requirements
  • Can reduce overall height of machine when using instead of combining discharges

Other Gentle Roll™ Options

  • Hot dipped galvanized or powder coat finish
  • Custom discharge hoppers
  • Discharge hoppers lined with blue urethane, hi-energy urethane or ceramic tile
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Explosion proof motors
  • Service platforms
  • Screen brushes to prevent blinding
  • Vent ports for dust control

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